Sunday, June 2, 2019

Suggestions on How to Use This Book

You may have just received the Kindle version of The Christian Camp Leader for free from Amazon. Welcome! Here are some suggestions of what to do with this book now that you have it.

1. Encourage your camp friends to download the book too. It is available for free until June 7, and even after that date, it is barely the price of a cup of coffee.

2. If you are a soon-to-be camp leader, reading this book will be a great introduction. It may seem a lot to read, but when you consider the monumental task you are taking on as a camp leader, this is the kind of preparation you need. Hopefully, your camp will round out your preparation with some hands-on training when you arrive there.

3. If you are a camp director, ask your new leaders to download and read this book. You have much more content to get across to your staff than they can absorb in pre-season staff training sessions. Have them read applicable chapters in this book each day in preparation for discussion during your training times.

4. Use this manual as the basis of your Leader-in-Training program. Over the years, we have found that trainees are able to absorb the material much better when they not only read or hear it, but also have the opportunity to interact with one another on each topic. The material can be creatively discussed and tried during the training, and the details are left to reading.

5. Your leadership staff can refer to this book as a resource. The book is easy to search to find resources and solutions for everyday camp concerns and problems.

6. Many chapters of this book are adaptable to ministries outside the camp. There is valuable information and training material here for the Sunday school teacher, kids club worker, Bible study leader and vacation Bible school or daycamp organizer.