Saturday, March 8, 2014

How This Book Can Help Train Your Summer Staff

1. Make a small investment in your staff with big returns. You expect big things from your summer staff - a sacrifice of time and energy, the capacity to connect with and love kids, a solid understanding of their faith and the ability to communicate it effectively - so spend a small amount of money to provide them with the tools for the job. We have made this resource as inexpensive and accessible as possible.

2. Tell them why you want them to read this book. Friends, parents and teachers all hand them books to read because they found them interesting or helpful. Read the book yourself so that you can recommend it to them with purpose and enthusiasm!

3. Make the book available at the right time. Most college programs end in April, high school in June. So the month of May is a great time to make The Christian Camp Leader available to your summer staff.

4. Show them how accessible this book is. You can hand it to them as a paperback, or gift the book to them by email as an eBook that they can read on any phone, tablet or laptop.  

Coming soon: We are working on the audiobook version, which they can listen to in the car or on their iPod.

5. Give them opportunity to process and respond to what they are reading. There are many ways to ask your staff the questions that will help them internalize what they have read. Click here to check one idea out used by Camp Imadene.

Please let us know if we can help with ideas or any obstacles you encounter!