Monday, December 9, 2013

CCCA 2013 National Conference

Welcome to those who received a copy of The Christian Camp Leader on your seat at the Christian Camp and Conference Association annual conference!

We hope that between sessions and networking this week, you will take the opportunity to leaf through this book and imagine how it might be used to prepare your staff for a summer of ministry.

We are glad to help you! Please contact me to discuss:
  • Ways of using The Christian Camp Leader in your ministry.
  • How to order multiple copies of the paperback edition at a discount, including shipping.
  • How to "gift" the $2.99 eBook version to your staff.
  • Any other questions or comments you may have.

All profits from this book are poured back into Christian camping!
  • We are committed to make this resource as affordable as possible to camps.
  • In some cases we will provide books to ministries that cannot afford them. 
  • We are looking for organizations to take on the project of translating and distributing this book, royalty-free.
  • We are open to specific projects to get kids to camp and train the staff who will lead them.

May God fill your time together at the conference with mutual encouragement, innovative ideas and new connections!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome, CCI Canada Camp Leadership Institute Participants!

If you are attending the CCI Canada Camp Leadership Institute this week, you will receive a complimentary copy of The Christian Camp Leader.

As you review this resource, I would be glad to hear from you! Perhaps you would like to order a number of copies for your summer staff in the new year, and I can discuss with you discount prices that include shipping. You might have questions about how to "gift" the eBook version to your summer staff. Or, we could discuss ways of helping your staff interact with the book online or as part of a summer training program. I am glad to help!

All proceeds from this book are poured back into Christian camping. It may be to provide books to camps that can't afford them, or to fund translation efforts. We hope to also make funds available to specific camper scholarships and camp projects.

May your time together as camp leaders be the encouragement and motivation you need as you anticipate diving into a whole new season of camping!