Tuesday, February 11, 2014

About Ordering Multiple Copies

I am able to order any number of copies directly from my supplier and have them sent directly to you, which enables me to offer as low a price as possible. Please email me for information and a quote. Because the supplier is in the US, our American friends can get a great price.

With the dropping of the Canadian dollar, Canadian camps will unfortunately pay more, but still less than the current list price of $8.80, and I can usually include free shipping. If you have a US address where you can pick up the books, that will bring the price down.

To keep the price as low as possible I use standard shipping, which can take about two weeks, and I send you the tracking information. A few of the states will charge tax upon arrival, and Canadians are usually charged GST plus a handling fee of $10 per box upon arrival.

We are committed to getting this book to camps at the lowest price we can, and even the small amount of profit goes back into either promoting the book or helping camps in financial need.

We trust that God will bless your summer staff through the teaching and challenge of this book. May he draw many excellent godly leaders to your ministry!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

BC Camping Conference

I will be at the British Columbia Camping Conference this week at RockRidge Canyon and hope to reconnect with many BC camp friends. I will have a number of books with me at a great price, especially considering our dwindling Canadian dollar!

Come find me at the Trade Show on Wednesday at 12:30 PM. See you there!