Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Our Incredible Camp Properties

I have been to many Christian summer camps and am always amazed at the stunning properties that God has provided for us. Sure, a few of our camps are a simple field with an above-ground swimming pool. But many are fabulous waterfront properties with mountain views, worth millions (or at least million-dollar views).

One of these is on a small, remote island on the West Coast of British Columbia. When I first visited Copper Island in Barkley Sound, it was owned by a man named Nelson Dunkin, who had lived there with his wife Mina for 19 years and, after her passing, remained for another 11 years. Their dream was to have a community of believers live there and operate a camp for children. When Nelson's health failed, he passed on his vision and his property to a newly-formed society that has now run summer camps for First Nations children on the island for the past 35 years.

I decided that Nelson Dunkin's story is worth telling. I first met him in 1978, when I was working for a camp at the north end of the famous West Coast Trail. We would occasionally take campers to his island property to encourage him with our presence and complete a few chores. This past year, I interviewed dozens of people who knew Nelson, and I gathered up their stories, photos, letters and memories into a book.

The Island and i: Nelson Dunkin of Copper Island is now available, either by contacting me or online at Amazon. Proceeds from the book will go to help kids get to camp this summer who otherwise could not go.

Have you ever considered writing up the story of the person(s) through whom God gave you your amazing camp property?